Monday, March 12, 2007

kerry blues and beckett

Samuel Beckett and one of his Kerry Blue Terriers.

Read more about Beckett and Kerry Blues at the web site for the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation.

Krapp's Last Tape which includes this famous passage (here is part of it):
In the end I held it out to him and he took it in his mouth, gently, gently. A small, old, black, hard, solid rubber ball. (Pause.) I shall feel it, in my hand, until my dying day. (Pause.) I might have kept it. (Pause.) But I gave it to the dog.
Further Information on Samuel Beckett:
kora in hell | letters | irish writers | samuel beckett

Further Information on Kerry Blue Terriers:
Kerry Blue Terrier Rescue
Kerry Blue Terrier History . . . such as the romantic legends of the Russian blue dog that swam ashore from a ship wrecked in Tralee Bay or a water dog from the Spanish Armada . . .
Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation
This site has additional information on other famous people who have owned Kerry Blues.
NOTE: please contact the USKBTC for information. I think Kerry Blues are wonderful dogs but I don't know anything about them. I am interested in these dogs because of their connection to Samuel Beckett.

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